Forklift Operations

About Forklift Operations services:

Forklift operations are used for short-distance transportation and loading of cargo.

The forklift is a cargo vehicle indispensable for industry, agriculture, and factories. It is conveniently built for the efficient and swift execution of loading operations by means of flat steel arms that are positioned below the cargo, whether it is heavy or not. Since 2006, driving a forklift in Israel requires a special license. This license requires a classification corresponding to a carrying capacity of up to 20 tons.

Forklift Use and Advantages

The forklift revolutionized the industry and it is an auxiliary tool used by every business with big logistic needs.

Forklift operations solved the issue of heavy dragging by poor laborers. The weight that one forklift can load in one round of loading and unloading used to require a large number of laborers for the same operation.

Forklifts come in different shapes and sizes. Every model is adapted to different conveyance, lifting, loading, and unloading functions. Forklift operations require experience, accuracy, and sensitivity. Today, the forklift’s role is expanding; thus, for example, forklifts can be found also in high-lifting operations.

Forklift Operations – Additional Applications

An additional application may be found in the use of the sophisticated telescopic forklift in which tools such as forks, scoops, flat arms, etc., can be exchanged as required. In addition, forklifts may be used in agriculture for loading very heavy loads in the field. Forklifts are used in factories for loading especially-sensitive equipment, etc.

The way in which forklift operations are executed is critical to the success of many industries. Therefore, it requires experienced and skilled people working with modern and uncompromising equipment in every type of work. The Oz Group is glad to offer forklift operation services to all types of markets and requirements.