Hazardous Materials Transportation

About Hazardous Materials Transportation services:

The Oz Group provides hazardous materials transportation services that require special permits and licenses. All company vehicles and drivers have hazardous materials transportation permits. The company attaches great importance to periodical vehicle testing and refresher driver training.

Hazardous Materials Transportation – Restrictions

It is important to know that the team working with hazardous materials has taken courses and perfectioning classes on the subject, that it is polished and skilled in the field of safer hazardous materials transportation, and that it complies with the strictest regulations in the field. In this respect, emphasis on caution and safety is of course critical and of the uppermost importance. Hazardous materials transportation requires caution and extreme sensitivity given that any little thing that does not proceed as expected may cause irreparable damage to the driver, the people with him, and his immediate environment.

Which are considered to be ‘hazardous materials’?

Hazardous materials transportation encompasses fluids, solids, and gases. Hazardous materials are those defined as dangerous to human beings, to animals, and to the environment. ‘Hazard’ refers to toxicity, radioactivity, danger or suspicion of causing cancer, or flammability. Hazardous materials transportation is divided into groups according to regulations set by the United Nations, who has established statues on the subject. These statutes were adopted also in Israel and legislated into law.

Each group refers to a different type of hazardous materials and of degrees of risk (from 1 to 9).

Therefore, it is very important to choose reliable and professional transporters who comply with the strictest regulations and who handle hazardous materials and their transportation throughout the country with extreme caution. The Oz Group provides these services for all degrees of risk and in compliance with the strictest regulations. Undoubtedly, the choice of a professional company such as Oz Group signifies a simple transfer without unnecessary concern.