Industrial Equipment Transportation

About Industrial Equipment Transportation services:

The professional transportation of industrial equipment requires the use of a company that provides skilled workers who know their job. In addition, it is important that said company has vehicles with professional hoisting equipment.

Oz Masa – Professional Transportation of Equipment

Heavy or lightweight industrial equipment must be transported by a company that has a suitable business license. Oz Masa provides transportation services for industrial equipment throughout the country and at all hours. The company’s staff renders a reliable, efficient, quick, and professional service and is ready to work at any hour of the day.

The company’s vehicles and trucks of various sizes are equipped with the most modern equipment in the field of transportation. The range of trucks is wide and they have cranes of different sizes, so that it is possible to load and unload merchandise at every existing site in the country. The cranes can lift heavy weights to a height of up to 60 meters. Oz Masa has a business license and a transportation license under the certification and supervision of a Transport Office Manager and a Transportation Safety Officer.

Various Types of Transportation

The company can move industrial equipment throughout the country with the help of its transportation equipment, trucks, and vehicles. It also provides additional transportation services, such as transportation of structures, trailers/caravans, containers, heavy merchandise, etc. The company’s staff is skilled and professional and has driving, transportation, and complex equipment operation licenses, as well as insurance and professional liability. Thus, all things needed to transport equipment are supplied by one single company. The company has vast experience, due to which it can provide creative solutions to industrial equipment transportation, even in usual cases.