Container Conveyance

About Container Conveyance services:

The Oz Group provides container conveyance services to both corporate and private clients for many and diverse purposes, which include transportation of objects from place to place, for commercial, industrial, and agricultural purposes, and more. The provision of container conveyance services requires high professionalism in order to transport the container cautiously and safely without causing it damage during transportation.

Purposes and Uses

Container conveyance is the safest way to transport heavy, sometimes even hazardous, materials from place to place.

It requires cargo vehicles adapted to that purpose, and a professional team skilled in this type of work.

In certain locations, container conveyance is required inside the site itself. Such conveyance is executed by lifted cranes adapted to handling especially heavy equipment. Sometimes, containers need to be arranged and organized in sites in which there are many containers, including loading them and repositioning them in the site. Conveyance of containers to far-away places is executed by trucks destined to transport heavy items from place to place and with all necessary permits.

Special Services

The Oz Group provides these services placing special emphasis on the constraints that are present in such types of sites. Therefore, consideration is given also to preserving the existing order in the site itself, even if this means sending a team to the site at very late hours. The Oz Group provides conveyance of overloaded or oversized (in width and height) containers, and performs loading, unloading, spreading, and arrangement of the merchandise. Of course, work is executed in accordance with all the existing safety standards that define the way in which container loading and unloading is performed in a safe and cautious manner.