Crane Operations

About Crane Operation and Crane Services:

Oz Masa provides hoisting and lifting services throughout the country. The company provides crane services for every purpose and in all areas. The company has trucks and vehicles equipped with cranes of all types and sizes, so that it is possible to get hoisting and lifting services for all purposes.

Why is it important to use crane services?

Crane services can provide solutions to the hoisting of scaffolding, including high-rise construction work, of people, and of heavy cargo, containers, etc. The company’s staff is skilled and professional and has driving, transportation, and complex equipment operation licenses, as well as insurance and professional liability.

The company provides an efficient, reliable, and quick service. It offers a range of crane operations throughout the country and provides crane operation solutions even to challenging and unique situations, for every purpose and at all hours. The company has a business license and transportation license under the certification and supervision of a Transport Office Manager and a Transportation Safety Officer.

Hoisting Services

The company has a wide range of the most modern cranes, trucks, and vehicles that allow cargo hoisting to heights of up to 60 meters. The trucks are equipped with cranes of various sizes and they make it possible to provide efficient solutions regarding self-unloading and loading of different types of cargo, scaffolding hoisting, moving of heavy merchandise from place to place, hoisting a person upwards, moving trailers/caravans, transporting heavy industrial equipment and billboards, moving heavy furniture, etc.

It should be emphasized that Oz Masa has vast experience in everything related to the provision of crane services, even in unusual cases that require creative solutions.